Laser Co2

Range of CO2 lasers includes power, speed and other options to meet the needs of most companies which require to code their packaging.

K series CO2 lasers are utility lasers which work with paper, board, glass and a wide range of plastics. They are used by manufacturersof packaged goods and industrial products to code and mark their products. Customers can choose from a range of power and speed and other options to get the right product at the right price for their specific needs. K series lasers are easy to install and integrate. They are equipped with an on-board computer making an external PC unnecessary and are easy to network. They are easy to use: they use Marca software to code and mark precisely and consistently. IP65 variants are available for damp and dusty environments.

Free of consumables No ink needed. Get rid of the consumables from your budget and minimize maintenance costs. A totally affordable price It is unique in its kind. From now the price is no excuse. It offers maximum performance at an unbeatable price. Compact, flexible and adaptable There is no inaccessible place. It is suitable both for static and dynamic applications and, if necessary, allows the connection to an external display of your computer. Really reliable iCON deserve your trust It will significantly reduce maintenance and repair costs. Permanent marking No surprises. What is printed does not go away. Always marked with the same degree of quality, ensuring the marking during the entire life of the product. Also allows you to mark a variety of materials, including labels, cardboard, PET, glass, plastic, fabric and wood.