Lasermate OEM

Ytterbium diode-pulsed fiber-optic laser marker, compact design for integration applications of marking in automated production lines. It allows to make a maximum quality marking and definition of graphic image in all types of pieces of variable format, both flat and cylindrical; metals, alloys, plastics, wood, etc.

The design and programming of marking messages is easily done using the Markmaster PC software

  • Laser power 10, 20 and 50W available.
  • Marking area 100×100 mm.
  • Static or dynamic marking
  • Alphanumeric text marking
  • Date marking and automatic counters.
  • Marking of special symbols and logos.
  • 1D barcode marking.
  • Datamatrix 2D code marking.
  1. Electrical power supply.
  2. Air cooling.

Motorized Z axis for automatic positioning of the head height
Smoke extractor automatic
Optical for a marking area of 160 x 160 mm or 60 x 60 mm
Motorized rotary axis-D (marking around cylindrical parts)
Scanner- verifier Datamatrix codes

Marking Machined Parts
Marking indentification labels
Marking tools and tooling
Marking tools and instruments
Marking electronical components
Marking 2DDatamatrix codes
Marking 1D barcodes