Using stencil templates we can mark all kinds of large-scale products and packages with minimal cost
The mark is produced by sliding an inked roller on a stencil (template with the message) and in turn on the piece.
With a template drilling machine we configure messages with alphanumeric characters and special symbols.
This simple system is ideal for marking very bulky pieces or containers offline.
We have special inks for printing on porous and non-porous surfaces, instant drying.

  • Industrial machine for drilling templates (stencils) for marking.
  • Characters: full alphabet and fixed size numbers.
  • Optionally, logos and special anagrams can be incorporated upon request.
  • Available in five versions depending on character height: 6 mm./12 mm ./19 mm./ 25 mm. / 44 mm. ”JUMBO”.
  • It is used for identification of products, parts, tubes, packaging, etc.
  • Special high rigidity cartons, treated with oil for the correct lubrication of the drilling machine.
  • Resistant to ink absorption, it can be used repeatedly on all types of surfaces.
  • Inking marker roller
  • Ideal for all types of hard marking surfaces such as plastic, vinyl, glass and metal.
  • Models with tank, universal, one-shot with aerosol charge.
  • Available replacement rollers, indelible marking inks.