Portadot 100×75 EH

  • Powerful portable dot marking machine capable of indenting components with deep marks (1 mm in mild steel, 1.5 mm in aluminium, DPH version)
  • Pneumatic (DPH) or electromagnetic (EH) dot marking versions. Capable of marking all engineering materials up to 62HRc (800Hv)
  • Robust mechanism and steel housing especially well suited to industrial applications
  • Very large marking area
  • 100 – 220v single phase supply (no pneumatics required).
  • ‘Press and hold’ trial run feature allows the marking location to be determined quickly before marking.
  • Low running costs and virtually no consumable costs. 3000 controller and software
  • Separate 3000 controller protects electronics from shock loading of mechanical marking operation.
  • Durable integrated membrane keyboard with LCD linked function keys.
  • Very large embedded graphical display
  • Simple to use menu system software with marking preview
  • Marking Area: 100mm x 75mm
  • Std. Character Sizes: 0.18mm – 99.9mm in increments of 0.18mm
  • Marking Formed: 5 x 7, 7 x 9, Varidot, HPGL, BMP Logos
  • Marking Speed: Variable, depends on application
  • Memory storage of up to 1350 marking programs
  • 3 metre umbilical cable
  • 2 x RS232 and Digital I/O (8 In 6Out) Connectivity. Optional Ethernet TCP/IP
  • Full QWERTY integrated membrane keyboard with addition PS/2 port for external keyboards.
  • On-screen mark preview and trial-run features.
  • PC Option using MarkMaster™ Graphical Software


Electromagnetic version

Marking area 100 x 75 mm


Pneumatic version

Marking area 100 x 75 mm

Standard hardware options include;

  • Spring Balance and bracket for ease of use
  • 6 meter umbilical cable option.
  • Remote Start/Stop Box
  • ‘V’ Face plate for marking round components
  • Custom designed fixtures are also available on request.
  • 100mm & Custom Extended Nosepiece and Styli
  • Windows Operating Software© Barcode scanner to simplify data entry
  • TCP/IP (10BaseT) Ethernet Module for 3000 controller
  • DataMouse™ Pro Direct Part Mark DataMatrix Reader (PC Required)
  • Extended Warranty packages available
  • Direct Part Marking (DPM)
  • IUID MIL130 Compliance marking
  • Programmable marking
  • Component identification
  • Component traceability
  • Chassis VIN Marking
  • Serial numbering
  • Steel stock marking
  • Cast and forge marking
  • Logo marking
  • Security marking
  • Health & safety appliance marking
  • Certification marking
  • Time and date marking
  • Part numbering
  • Batch and shift coding
  • Calibration systems
  • Label and tag marking