DataMan 7500

  • Integrated design provides users with an easy-to-use verification solution for reliable and repeatable results.
  • Contract Compliant lighting option available with the stand and integrated bright field and dark field lighting (as shown). This advanced lighting design with both 30 degree and 90 degree angle lighting allows the DataMan 100V to grade the widest range of mark types and surfaces including mirrored surfaces.
  • Verification to all industry standards including AIM DPM Guidelines, ISO15415 and AS9132.
  • Compliance… All units include contract compliant verification to the AIM DPM Quality Guideline as required for U.S. Department of Defense (Mil Standard 130) and the AIAG (Automotive Industry Action Group) B-17 Guideline.
  • Fully integrated design… All systems include easy to use software, integrated lighting and optics.
  • Certified calibration… DataMan verifiers includes a certified calibration target for establishing AIM DPM reflectance values.
  • Reliable and consistent… DataMan verifiers are easy to set up, use and provide reliable, repeatable results.